Universal Buffalo, NY Laminated Wall Map
Universal Buffalo, NY Laminated Wall Map
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The Buffalo, New York Wall Map by Universal Map ranges:
  • North: to Lockport and Lewiston in Niagara County;
  • South: to North Collins;
  • East: to Akron and Alden;
  • West: to Fort Erie Grand Island, Niagara Falls, and the Chippawa Power Canal.
Insets for this map include Niagara Falls and Downtown Buffalo. The special features and data contained on this map are as follows: all streets and highways, educational facilities, government buildings, zip codes and boundaries, cemeteries, points of interest, city limits and annexations, post offices, shopping centers, recreational parks, railroads, fire and police stations, hospitals, golf courses and country clubs, and mileage circles. This map measures 60" x 77" and is lithographed in 8 colors. Lamination protects the surface making it markable and washable. Indexing for the map appears in a separate book.