World Map Wall Mural

World Map Wall Mural

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The World’s Largest Map Mural

Up to date and detailed! At 13’ wide and over 8' high, this striking world map wall mural contains a wealth of information. Besides showing countries, capitals and major cities, the map provides physical details, land elevations, ocean depths, distances, time zones, and much more.

The 8 panels of this map mural can be put together to emphasize different continents – the Americas, Africa/Europe, or Asia can be the center of the map. Easy-to-follow instructions come with the map, along with a dry-strippable cellulose based paste. It can be trimmed to accommodate smaller walls, electrical outlets, or any other particular needs.

The laminated version includes a dry-erase marker which may be used to write on the laminated surface. Scale: 1" = 160 miles

Installation instructions for this mural