Universal Las Vegas, NV Laminated Wall Map
Universal Las Vegas, NV Laminated Wall Map
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This commercial wall map of Las Vegas, Nevada shows all streets & highways, airports, cemeteries, hospitals, railroads, post offices, points of interest, shopping centers, water features, recreational parks, mileage circles, city limits & annexations, government buildings, fire & police stations, educations institutions, golf & country clubs, zip codes & boundaries, and longitude & latitude.

The boundaries for this wall map are as follows:

  • North: including North Las Vegas, Sunrise Manor, Nellis AFB, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Floyd Lamb State Park
  • South: to Henderson
  • East: to East Las Vegas and Henderson
  • West: to Spring Valley, and western Las Vegas city limits 3 miles west of Las Vegas Beltway

    It also has inset maps of Blue Diamond, Lake Las Vegas, and Boulder.

    The lamination makes it durable and allows use of a dry-erase marker. It comes with wood-grain plastic hanging rails at the top and bottom. 52" x 72"; 1" = 2190 ft.